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A  mother or an author is not supposed to have favourites. But these favourites are not as a writer. They are as a reader for when I read them I feel its not me who has written them. It's just not Me.... It's another me another layer of my soul, a fragment of my imagination, a piece of my heart which could do this and I don't know it will do it again when!

My 7 most favourite posts:

  1. Post Returned Undelivered- This is partly my own story and partly fiction. I still don't know what made me say all that I said but this one still gives me goosebumps. I am always amazed at this piece as it holds a piece of me wrapped amidst it.
  2. An isolated fragment- I myself am from a broken family and hence I understand the hurt and agony a child goes through in such cases.  To be honest this post was never planned. Rather I wanted to talk about divorce from a woman's point of view. As I went to sleep thinking about this I dreamt this post (yess!!!) till the last full stop.
  3. A suicide note - I am not much of a TV person yet somehow I love reality crime shows as they tell me what I am surrounded with. A number of honour killing cases both in print and media lead to this.
  4. A secret revealed- I have been in quite a few relationships, observed many closely and I somehow feel the thin line between love, like and lust is lost somewhere leading to chaos. An attempt to capture that chaos.
  5. I am busy- R K Narayan's Malgudi days inspired this though I never claimed that and yet when in comments people said they saw the glimpses of it, it had to make me feel out of this world.
  6. Of stories and tellers - A love for the written word -both reading and writing lead to this! Sharing some madness :)
  7. Diary of a daughter -Being a daughter, getting married and leaving our parents is a norm which we all have to follow, but what goes on our mind at that time must be something like this!
I just pray I am able to write like this once again and emote such beautiful feelings of love and laughter in life!

Hope you enjoy reading them :)


  1. I love all of them but but Post returned undelivered and isolated Fragments are so so so touching, Namrata.It's difficult to choose the best from the bestest.

    1. Yesss Kalpana I love them too... :)

      And you are being too kind with words for I believe my best is yet to come!!

  2. That's a nice round up, Privy. Of course, you write beautifully and you must not feel otherwise. Keep up the work!

  3. Love is a strange thing, can't predict where it sticks.


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