I promise...

In life we all have been through lot of ups and downs which make us what we are. In the process of knowing and accepting people around us we tend to compromise a lot of ourselves. Few years back I realised how wrong I was in doing that and hence had made seven promises to myself :

I promise 
  • Never let others judge me.
  • Never let others be reckless with my heart
  • Not to bear with people who seem to be bearing me
  • To remember that I am worth every good thing in this world.
  • To remember I deserve to be loved, respected and cared for.
  • Not let anyone / anything take away my right to existence.
  • Never let anyone trample on my feelings or belittle my dreams.

When I made them I somehow felt scared that I cannot live upto them. But today almost a year and a half after I made them I realised I have done fairly well for myself. I have let go of a few painful relationships from my life, removed some friends who were no good and yes made myself more worthier by these reminders.

Have you ever made any promises to yourself? Would love to hear them!


  1. Super promises Privy - your page is bookmarked for reference. Awesome post.

    1. Wow Suzy, thank you so much :)

      It's a privilege and honour.

  2. Writing is good pv,according to me promises and goals ,both are different .Promiss always breaks and it doesn't depend only upon you ,it depends on time,situation,ppl with whom u promissed.

  3. Many of your promises to yourself are in fact the ones I made to myself as well. What I do is write them on post-its ans stick them around my study table. I don't remove them until I have inculcated them deeply in my life. I make my own pocket diary where I jot down all these resolutions/promises/beliefs. It is also a reminder of the journey that I have made so far and a reminder of the person I was and what I have become over the years.

    I hope you don't mind me sharing this. I just don't get around people like you who strive to make the most of their lives. Once I do, I can't stop blabbering my own thoughts in front of them. :D

    One of the biggest treasures in life (for me) is to be in company of like-minded people. It is unfortunate that where I am, this has been lacking.

    I am thankful that people like you are blogging. :)

    Congratulations on making these promises true. I know how much these steps would have helped you.

    Keep introspecting, keep being the awesome Me!

    1. Sui you need to believe me if I say you are resonating my thoughts there... ditto ditto ditto is what I can say to almost everything you said there. I just do that and yes that is one of the biggest reasons why I love my blogs for they are a witness to what I was and what I am today.

      And I loved that you shared this with me, it is a pleasure reading this.:D

      Like minded people are a blessing Sui for they push you to bring out the best in you always and all ways!

      I am also glad to have met you in this blogging world.

      These steps have helped me a lot, you are absolutely correct in that!

      Thanks so much dear... wishing you loads of love and joy always <3

  4. Promises.
    It's like you willfully make commitments which are impossible to completely abide by.

  5. I made a promise of keeping peace with who I am. And I've kept it so far.


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