Reading has been the biggest love of my life since the time I can remember. I can actually hog on books and thrive on them!

My mother introduced me to reading when I was 5. I was a hyper active child wanting to do loads of things in the shortest possible time. And she thought books will help me use my energies in a better manner.

She was so right.... since then till now my appetite for books just keeps increasing day by day. Something that began as a hobby is now a passion. Something I cannot live without. I thrive on books, if I can say that and yes I am bibliophile much to the disappointment of my mother now as she hates me getting lost in books oblivious to her !
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This blog was started to share my love for books and has since then just grown manifolds as for me the picture says it all what I feel about reading. I read and I review and I review and I read... its a happy never ending cycle. Sharing my most favourite books ( not in this order) which I have reviewed here:

P.S: I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013

P.PS: Apologies for such a short post, but time constraints due to many nonsensical reasons!! Will surely try to write more for tomorrow.


  1. I have all of this in my kindle.. Once I complete the series I am involved in might go for these. My present I am reading is a complete fictitious nonsense called the Destroyer.. :)


  2. Hi,thanks for sharing this list. I want to read all of them. Yes, I've started checking out their prices.

    1. Wow.. Jini thats so sweet of you and incase you cannot find any of them you know whom to contact ;)

    2. You are most welcome anytime!!

  3. Reading maketh full a man and writing an exact man. And you are paradigm of that.

    1. Wow Rudraprayaga :)

      Loved this comment thanks so much!


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