Book Review: That's the way we met by Sudeep Nagarkar

  • ·         ISBN -978-8-184-00178-5
  • ·        Genre: Fiction
  • ·         Publishers: Random House
  • ·         Price: Rs. 125/- (I got this book from the publishers for a review)
I have reviewed a book  previously by the author and have really liked his work. It made me want to read more works from the same author.So when I saw this one in Random House’s list I knew I had to grab this one.

Behind The book
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Getting rave reviews from readers – Hindustan Times
About the author
Sudeep Nagarkar has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University and is currently pursuing  management studies from Welingkar Institute of Management. You can know more about him here.

Me thinks
I am a sucker for romance and happy endings – this author promised me that in the previous book I read and delivered it too in a very romantic fashion so much so that I wanted to read his other works. I somehow love the beautiful cover pages this author manages to get on all his books. For the eternal romantic me they are like a dream coming true. It makes me want to grab them and read it right away.

This book is about 2 couples – 4 friends who are madly in love with each other and are looking forward to a happy future together once they are married. It is said that change is the most constant in this world. And it is about this change that the author has managed to talk about very beautifully.

Just when you are all set and looking forward to a life that you have planned for yourself one incident changes it all. And then things are never ever the same in your life. The only option you are left with is pick up the remaining pieces and try to put together your life to start afresh hoping you are able to continue.

I like the author’s style of writing romance, gives me a goey feeling!! ( Well that should have gone unsaid for the diehard romantic Me) But I felt disappointed at few places in this book. The editing of the book is a bit poor and the knowing the author’s popularity I seriously feel the author should ensure it is of optimum quality. Apart from few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors there were few lapses in the narration as well. Like for e.g. at one place the author says the lead characters are travelling in AC train and the next moment he is describing how the cool breeze from the open window plays with her hair! But as I have said earlier the flow of the book is so good that it all dissolves in the background as you start living the story with its characters.

Over all the story is very touching and beautifully narrated hence such minor lapses can be overseen as the story delivers what the author is known for – a complete package of romance mixed with emotions and passion.

Recommended read for all romantic souls like me for sure.

Foodie Verdict
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     This book is like chocolate fondue - Irresistibly romantic, tempting and alluringly sexy!!  

P.S This book has been received from Random House for review.