The Dazzler

Roshni as her name suggests is a dazzling personality – bright, chirpy, strong, independent, and vivacious with a witty sense of humour. Professionally she is a creative head for a leading magazine and by passion she is a dreamer who dreams of beautiful tomorrows full of sparkling possibilities. She is known in her entire office for her sparkling smile which could make the toughest of hearts smile. 

She is affectionate and caring because of which anyone feels comfortable sharing their darkest secrets with her. No wonder she is the undisputed best friend everyone could count on. Life till now has not been easy for her but then even gold has to pass the fire test to prove its mettle. Maybe it is this facet of hers which makes her deal with all that comes her way with a smile, be it bouquets or brickbats. Her only problem is she does not know her self-worth and only a genuine person can see what a gem she really is.

For me, she is a MIA woman. A woman who is the epitome of femininity mixed with grace, beauty, loads of oomph and dazzling like a diamond.

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 This post has been written for the Mia contest held by Tanishq.


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