Book Review: Hiccups by Harsh Pande


·         ISBN -13 978-81-8495-414-2
·         Genre: Fiction/Romance
·         Publishers: Jaico Books India
·         Price: Rs. 199/- (I got this book from the publisher requesting for a review)

Given the die-hard romantic person that I am, grabbing this book was the most obvious choice. I fell in love with the cover page and the name Hiccups made me more curious as to why would an author name a book like this while actually it was a love story – with a difference.

Behind The book

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 “You came into my life and changed everything…forever. Before you walked into my life, all I did was survive… you made me rediscover what it means to be alive.”

About the author

Unfortunately today the author is no more, but you can know more about his amazing strength and love for life HERE 

Me thinks

Love according to me is perhaps one of the most beautiful things in this world and it can make or mar a person.  Hiccups by Harsh Pande, though cliché and Bollywood-ish is a book I enjoyed reading purely because he spoke in this beautiful language of love.

It made me cry, laugh, feel mushy, blush and also feel happy at the end just like a typical Bollywood movie it had it all. The narration of the st.ory is very smooth and it brings alive all the emotions. It begins with a hospital scene where the male protagonist’s mother is battling coma. The scene changes where he wins quiz competitions to gather money for both his education and her treatment. He meets a girl who falls for him and stands by him as he makes his way through all the troubles that are surrounding him. It’s about love, life, relationships, parents, friendship, college, career and a lot many things in life.

The first half of the book is really gripping as the author has made an excellent attempt at highlighting the quiz contests making it a gripping read. I really loved the poems and the romantic proposals that the author has written in this book. They are simply beautiful.

The only negative I found in this book was the main protagonists have no names. They are simply referred to as “he” and “she”. Maybe the author should have given them some names, makes it easy to connect for the readers. Or maybe he did it intentionally as he wanted to say it could be anyone’s story! But the character sketch of both of them is so strong that you automatically visualize them and you hardly notice that they are name-less.

Overall a sweet, cute, mushy, romantic book recommended as a light read for people like me who love love stories!

Foodie Verdict
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Cheese Bhel – crunchy, tasty, tangy, sweet and mouthwatering

This book has been received from Jaico Books for review


  1. Love stories are my favourite (When it's beautifully written with lovely characters and interesting incidents) but I don't like book-covers with real models (on them). That disturbs my own imagination while reading the story...

    1. I agree Tarang .. but you know here as I mentioned in the review too the author has not named the characters and perhaps that is the reason he has left us faces for us to put them in the story and connect!

  2. I loved the poems, the humor, the feelings in the novel. But the best part surely was the quiz competition.
    Although we know it is fiction, we do get anxious about the outcome.
    wonderful read.


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