I thought I am missing you, and then I realized I am not missing you. I am missing the person I became when I was with you; I am missing the feeling of being wanted that I got with you around… most importantly I am missing a part of me which I have left behind with you somewhere…..”

This was my status message on FB few days back. Someone commented – romantic yet painful

I replied – It’s always a pleasure to miss your loved ones.
So I was asked how it is a pleasure when that person is no longer with you

To which I replied – The person might not be but the memories with me are priceless.

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Memories…. that’s what we gather throughout our lives. People come and go but their memories stay forever. And at the end all we have is a fistful of memories.

Memories are both good and bad. The bad ones occupy more space in our minds while the good ones, owing to their lightness are actually pretty much omnipresent. Most of the times we tend to let the bad ones overshadow the good ones while actually we should do the reverse. Good memories always come with a hug, bring warmth in the heart and leave us with tons of reasons to keep smiling while the bad memories seem like some ghost that sucks away anything that is good and positive in you, leaving you feeling drained out. 
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I have been fortunate to have met some wonderful people in life though all of them did not stay in my life forever. Some have left while some seem to be on the verge of leaving. But that does not take away the beauty of the wonderful times I have had with them. 

Each one of them has taught me something. One taught me how to love, while someone taught me how to live. Laughing on one own-self, loving ourselves first, learning every moment in life, living as if it is your last day today, hugging your loved ones more frequently, saying I love you and meaning it… the list of things I learnt from them is so huge. 

Yes there have been some wrong people as well who have hurt me, broken my heart and made me question my beliefs but then I also know they have made me value the good people more because of them. And yes the lessons I have learnt from them too are priceless.

I do miss them, or maybe I just miss the memories I have had with them. And yes these memories are cherished throughout the life time for they make me what I am.



  1. Privy we let the bad memories overshadow the good ones because good moments pass away in a jiffy and bad ones last longer. This is our notion.
    The beauty is we remember those lovely moments and re-live every bit of them and be sad that they have passed away quickly

  2. its very beautifully written true...its actually memories which makes us what we are..

  3. I too believe that it's our memories that made us what we are... to be strong in adverse and to smile when we feel like shattering down.

    Beautiful post. :)

    1. Thanks so much :)

      And I totally agree with all that you said...

  4. Wow Me!
    Never had I thought how we give more importance to the bad memories, while they deserve to be dumped to make room for the good ones.

    Lovely post! <3

    1. :)

      Kabhi Kabhi na I think kuch bhi aiwe hi.. JLT!!!

      Thanks so much <3

  5. Without memories life is arid.Nicely written.

  6. Without memories life will be dreary affair.

    1. True :)

      Thanks so much for being here!!


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