An untold story of favourite songs

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We are surrounded with music. The beating of our hearts, the flowing blood in our veins, our voices, the hushing trees, gushing rivers, cool breeze, blaring horns… they all come together to form a unique sound called music.  

Like my music teacher used to say, God gave us heartbeats for He wanted us to listen to this music every time as we continued living. But somewhere in between we forget the music of our heartbeats as it drowns amidst the logic of our minds, the hullaballoo of our senses and most importantly the chattering of ‘other noises’ around us.  At such times the only thing that brings back music for us is the lovely songs that we keep listening to. We have a huge variety of music available for us – country, hip hop, instrumental, jazz, classical, Sufi, fusion etc but their beauty remains the same.

I am die hard music lover and listen to it in various languages for I believe music has the magic which transcends all the language barriers. Needless to say every person is my life is a song for me. The moment I meet someone and interact for a while a song starts playing in my mind. And that defines that person for me permanently. 

The first every song that defined love, romance and that someone special for me was Mere Khwabo main jo aaye from DDLJ. For the 12 year old me, that was the beginning of a lifelong romance with songs. It implied the cliché belief “Someone somewhere is made for you…

I entered the teens and had my first crush ever- He was “Na woh inkaaar karta hai no who ikraar karta hai…” for me.  I went on to fall in love so many times in life, each time a new song depicted that person and it still continues to do that. So I have someone who stands for Agar Tum mil jao, Khuda Jane, Pee Loon, Ishq wala love and recently Yaaram too.

I also have songs for friends, frenemies, family members, loved ones, agony aunts and not to forget people whom I love to hate. Some of them are Jaane kyun, Khud ko kya samajhta hai, taiyab ali pyar ka dushman hai hai… And ofcourse then there are some which I feel define me in the most perfect manner and hence are very close to my heart for obvious reasons. Like Khushi and Filhaal.

I have made a huge list of songs which I would want a special someone to sing for me. And all these are neatly scribbled in a beautiful diary. I love writing down songs for some weird reason. I find them to be very poetic and when I re-read the lyrics I somehow find them talking to me, telling me some unheard things. And ofcourse I have also penned down female versions of songs I have loved a lot in male versions myself sheerly for the beauty it had in its verses. 

Every time I have to think about a particular incident or a person I just to play that song, close my eyes and sit back as my mind drifts away to the those times. I still blush many times as I listen to these songs as the magic in them is still intact. The person and the time might have gone forever but the memories remain wrapped in those words forever. But then it is rightly said:

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And now if you are wondering which song you are………… then just drop a message and I will let you know that !!


  1. Such a feel-good musical post! :D
    It is a new and fascinating thing to know how you associate songs with people. It's a wow thing.
    Songs for people you love to hate...(Y)...:D

    P.S.: Obviously I wish to know my musical identity :P

    1. Hai na?

      Even I was floating in the air with music in my eyes as I wrote this. Its new and fascinating?

      I thoughts it weird :/

      P.S: For me you are

      Mehki Hawaye Hai Aanchal Mera Mausam Hai Meri Hasi
      Aayi Re Aayi Re Khushi Khushi Khushi Khushi)..

    2. Aww! So sweet of you. Lovely song. ^_^

      And yes, even weird things can be fascinating ;)

    3. :)

      Glad you loved it and yes weird is the new "In"

  2. This is interesting Me!!
    I love music! And the quotation is so true!!

    1. Oh yes! I am glad you agree.

      Thanks so much :)

      And for me you are -
      Suno, kaho. Kaha. Suna Kuch hua kya?

      For your blogposts talk to me :)

  3. Replies
    1. Koi Kahe kehta rahe kitna bhi humko deewana...
      hum logon ki thokar main hai yeh zamana...
      Bigade duniya, bigadne bhi do
      Jhagade duniya, jhagadne bhi do
      Lade jo duniya, ladne bhi do, hum apni dhun gaao
      Duniya roothe, roothne do
      Bandhan toote, tootne do
      Koi chhoote, chhootne do, na ghabraao
      Hum hain naye, andaaz kyoon ho puraana

  4. A lot of thanks privy ,but i w'd like to edit some line for me .

    Dunia roothe,roothne na do.
    bandhan toote ,tootne na do.
    koi chhoote ,chootne na do.
    Na ghabrao,hum hai apne,apno se kya door jaana.......

  5. Loved this post!!

    Aur mere liye kya hai?? :)


    1. ;)

      Thanks darling!!

      For you -

      Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari <3

  6. Zindagi geet aur taal ke mel hein. Yes, me, you are correct.Everything on earth is musical and rhythmical.Music is the magic that charms listeners' mind and changes listeners' mood.Nice.


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