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I have had a beautiful affair with the rains. The slight nip in the air, the darkening skies, shimmering lightning, cool breeze, swaying trees as if to welcome the rain God – all this giving away to first drops of rain; sheer magic!! Who would not be in love with them?

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Every time they come they bring along a flood of memories. Beautiful, heart touching memories of first love, romance in the air, holding hands, feeling the underlying passion, freshly washed leaves adding to the greenery, the misty smell of earth after the first few drops of rain, grey somber atmosphere sometimes making me a poet and sometimes a dancer… while sometimes it makes a thirsty soul waiting for the raindrops to quench my thirst.… all this is synonymous with rains for me.

But this time somehow the rains have brought loads of pain and hurt reminding me of broken hearts, shattered dreams, unrequited love and of passion which went cold with the passage of time. Today my heart seems more like a parched piece of earth, devoid of any feelings with its cracks laid bare open for each one to see. Yet none chooses to stop, they all move ahead casting just a glance maybe of pity.

Yes this parched piece had seen greener pastures and happier times but today all that is left is fistful of memories which perhaps are more painful than this dry pain.


  1. It started with lovely imagery but then headed towards gloom...life go through some painful phase no doubt but moving on is the best thing we can do for a peaceful and blissful life. Otherwise...beautiful piece of writing!:)

    1. Thanks so much Tarang:)

      Your words truly seem like a solace..... and yes I am sure sunshine will spread its warmth soon.

      HUGS <3

  2. Just hold on your horses, you have green pastures coming again to see around. Just wait for next rain probably ;)

    What a coincidence, recently I also felt more or less similar when I getting drenched in rain ;). I wished it will wash away all my pains :P. Such a naive thought na ?

    I can imagine or understand how it feels like.

    I know I like these pieces a lot when you see something in your beautiful nature around yourself and write something about it. Like always you have done justice with it and with complete truth :)

    Keep Writing :)

    1. Yes Ghanchakkar... I truly agree with you here...

      Hi-5 for the coincidence... I am sure you need no answers for that now.... hugs to you too for feeling like this...

      Hope peace and love come to you too soon!!!

    2. Thanks for hugging. Hugs to you as well <3 ;)

      Hope the same for you. Peace, love and lots of laugh for you :D

  3. Beautiful as ususl,but why this gloom?

  4. My heart's is in this piece of work, Privy. Just here. The way you described it.


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