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My dearest Privy,

For the past nine days you've been ignoring me. How come you can do that. I know you love to spend time with me and you find little peace when you are with me.
Then, why are you ignoring me???? I need an answer....please at the earliest

Your's truly,

Sweetheart you are a part of my soul.... and I cannot exist without you. I know what I have been through in this 9 days that I have been away from you. This is perhaps the longest that I have done so and each and every moment has been a pain I inflicted deeply on my soul... But then I also know YOU are the only one on this earth to whom I don't need to explain anything for YOU understand everything. You accept me with open arms all the time and yes I am coming back to you NOW for I need you. You are and therefore I am !! 

A very dear friend Gayatri sent me this while I was away from blogging. I found it too cute and had to cherish it somewhere in the realms of my life, on this blog


  1. Na jaane kab se hai intazaar unka .
    Na jane kab se hai dil bekaraar unka ..
    Lagi hai dil me aag iss or bhi Us or bhi .
    Na hone do is pyaar ko kamzor kbhi ..

    Oh ho you also write letters,na ..na. ..i'll say Love letter for ur best frnd .Beautiful like....dot dot... dot...full stop.

    1. Love that poem Pravir!
      And Me this is very cute!! <3

    2. :)

      Thanks Pravir for such a cute poem!

      And yes... its much more than my best friend so have to write only the best for him!

    3. "write only the best for her or him?
      Thanks to AaeKay.

    4. Him bolo...her bolo... it bolo - My blog remains the most special thing ever to have happened to me!

  2. It's very cute. Privy your fans miss you a lot. But we do understand because you cannot be away from your fans for a long time.

    1. Kalpana please dont call "fans" for they are my inspiration, my friends and very close to me for all that they are. And its because of them that I write, will write and can write!

      Thanks so much dear <3

  3. I loved this pic!! very beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much AS :)

      And I am really sorry, I somehow missed replying to this one dear.


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