Silent Saturday


  1. Would you believe me, if I say just now I was looking at some flower image and writing something on it :p

    This is nicely captured with some particular angle. The thing which I liked most in this image is that this image is dynamic. Don't ask me what is it. It needs some time to explain :p

    Keep clicking :)

    1. Wow :)

      Some coincidence that was!

      I wanted it to be different.. and am glad I could create that effect.

      Thanks :)

      P.S: Will not ask you, rather wait for you to explain!

  2. Forgot to mention, your header image is superb. It's really the one which suits your blog to the fullest. I saw it the day you had put it up, was waiting for your new post :p

    It is also very nicely clicked and looks very fresh as your blog :)

    1. Double WOW :D

      Thanks sooooooooooo much for that... I so wanted something ekdum different to give it a fresh feel!

  3. You have a wonderful eye for this!

  4. Nature is Supreme. Keep clicking Privy.

  5. Really beautiful things turn us silent to observe them deeply.Beautiful! The object and its image.


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