Book Review: First you plz by Nisha B Thakur

Firstly I would like to thank the author Nisha B Thakur for sending me this book for a review.

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College life is a phase where a person is bound to do some of the most stupidest things of life and yet get away with it. You make new friends, ditch your old ones, fall in love, fall out of love, pass with flying colours, and fail horribly at something else. In short life in this phase is all about knowing a newer you.

First you pls is author Nisha B Thakur’s first book which revolves around the college life, youthful dreams, friendship and yes ofcourse love.

The main protagonist Avanti is about to begin her master’s course with her 2 best friends where she falls in love with Akash. The story is how she wants him to make the first move and how her friends help her do the same.

There are lot of grammatical mistakes in the book which could have been avoided and made the book a more enjoyable read. The author has emphasized that the story is about an immature girl but the extent of her immaturity really made me gasp at times in between.

Though the story is not something very unusual with lot of ups and downs, it is something that can be called sweet and simple love story for the book is of some 50-60n pages. Makes a light read and owing to the length can be completed quickly too.

Over all a decent attempt for a debut by the author.