Book Review – Thinking Aloud By Priya Kumar


  • ISBN: 978-938186038-0
  • Category: Self Help
  • Publishers: Embassy Books
  • Price: Rs. 195/- (This book was sent to me by the author for a review)

Words have the power to make or mar a person. And quotations have the power to create a magical impact in very few words. No wonder I love them and I begin my day with one such quote each day depending on my mood. I have a huge collection of such books as they inspire me in more than one ways. I was more than happy when I received an email from the author’s office asking me to review this wonderful book on quotes written by the author. 

I have heard a lot about the author’s previous works especially I am another you and I was looking for an opportunity to read her books. This email felt like a God-sent opportunity to me as I had great expectations from the author and I was not disappointed. 

Behind the book
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A collection of original thoughts on the subjects that matter in life. 
 About the Author

A motivational speaker and a bestselling author, Priya Kumar is the CEO of Priya Kumar’s training systems. Author of bestselling books including, “I am Another You”, “License to live” and “The Perfect World”, Priya’s powerful storytelling has touched the lives of people across the world. To read more about the author, please visit

P.S: The author has autographed the book for me with a very sweet message and I was truly touched b this gesture!

‘Me’ Thinks

I simply love quotes for the sheer power they exude in the least amount of words. Robin Sharma, Ruskin Bond, Paulo Coelho and many other authors’ books on quotations adorn my book shelf in my office cabin as I look up to them for some inspiration daily. 

I was looking forward to reading this book when I had received this email requesting for a review as this book is full of quotes. Each and every quote written here are completely original as she shares her thoughts on winning, happiness, courage, love, hope, self worth, humour, attitude, self belief and more. Some of the thoughts made me cry, some made me smile, while some took me down the memory lane as they reminded me of some people, incidents and lessons learnt the hard way in my life. It was a very overwhelming experience to read this page as it made me see life in an altogether new perspective. 

There is definitely much more to life than just the pain, sorrow, hurt, anger, hatred, jealousy, want and desire that we constantly chase them leaving behind the joyous things in life like love, friends, success, smiles, laughter and beautiful memories. 

The book is neatly categorized into things like happiness, attitude, hope, praise and success. The most beautiful thing in this book was the dedication the author has written to her mom:

Mom, I love you.
If I should choose I live again, it would be only to have you in my life.
I would choose you, yet again, not because you love me so dearly.
I would choose you only to allow myself that reciprocation, for one lifetime is not enough, clearly.
No matter what life has chosen for your day, you have chosen love.
You choose to be gracious and giving, no matter what anyone does.
I will love you for all eternity and will express it in every word, for you are not only an outstanding person but also the best mom in the world.

I had tears in my eyes as I read this and was speechless for quite some time. 

This book is something I would love to recommend to each one sheerly for the beauty and originality of the quotes.

Thank you so much Priya Kumar for giving me an opportunity to review such a wonderful book!

Foodie Verdict

 This book is like raspberry dolly - Tangy, sweet, delicious and mouthwatering!


  1. I got it too from the Author and I am loving it.. The quotes are so inspiring.. Will put up the review soon...

  2. BTW I liked your foodie verdict...


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