April Blogging Challenge - 9

I is for Impacting Lives

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We happen to add a lot of people into our life every day:
  • Some are like winters - they leave us feeling all cold with their behavior and attitude.
  • Some are like the summer - they spread warmth all around our hearts,
  • Some are like the monsoon - who drenched me in the rain of their love and then moved away like the passing cloud.
While there were some like the sky, walking along with me, in each step telling me "I am there."Knowing and unknowingly they all have some impact on our lives – either good or bad.

So, what are you?


  1. short and sweet ! Loved the way you compared people with seasons. Nice concept :)

  2. true ! everybody has an impact in our lives knowingly or unknowingly- good one

  3. Nice :)
    The monsoons ones feel so sad when they go away dont they !?

  4. Maybe I belong to the class who just read these beautiful lines and cannot help , but being awed , but anyway since you asked it...I am the eternal summer gal !!

    1. Wow..Sridevi, touched!

      Glad to meet you :)

  5. I loved the way you described them and they are ever so true. Very nice.

  6. I can be the water flowing with the time trying to get adapted !!

  7. Beautiful ! you have inspired me today ! Thanks for the impact ...

  8. This is fantastic. How important it is for us to realize this truth!

  9. Beautiful sentiments, love the last kind :)

  10. I am not perfect and I am not immune...I must have been one of the seasons for someone at some point of time.

    Beautiful words.

  11. Interesting and true. The ones who make a mark are often the ones who help you live!

  12. Beautiful sentiment!! Love it!

  13. Ah! So well-put :)

    I am like a winter around people I don't care about. But usually summer around all others and monsoon-ish around loved ones


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