April Blogging Challenge - 23

W is for Wish

If wishes were horses* I would wish for a world where I am not scared for being myself. I just want to be me and not strangulate each and every wish of mine for someone’s sake. Sometimes it the society, sometimes its family or a loved one who becomes the reason behind it but the result is the same. 

A wish is buried deep inside the realms of the heart never to come out again but few years later all these hidden wishes form a very scary ghost and come back to haunt us with their unfulfilled realities. Till then we were able to carry the burden of these hidden wishes with ease but the moment they take this for it just keeps getting heavier and heavier each day. Since the time I can remember my wishes have always been dominated upon. 

What I should wear, whom to befriend, how to dress up, how to behave, how to talk, how to laugh, what to learn, how to learn, where to learn, what to pursue in studies, where to work, whom to marry, when to have children, how to raise them… the list is endless. Someone or the other seems to know it all about how to handle life and to be precise my life ease. Sometimes I actually wonder if it is too much to ask for.

*P.S:As per Wikipedia, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" is an English language proverb and nursery rhyme, originating in the 16th century, which is usually used to suggest that it is useless to wish and that better results will be achieved through action. 


  1. and yet our deepest wishes wished with all our heart can even come true


  2. Time to take back responsibility for being YOU. We will be dominated only if we allow it. Ask me, I know from experience! Not any longer though.

  3. Ah! only if wishes could come true like that...

  4. Perhaps, that's why it's better to be selfish some of the time!

  5. Wishes are always like horses but riding a horse is also not very easy
    ONE SHUD for sure put effort towards fulfilling all the wishes :)
    AAH the wishes and dreams ;) good luck for all o them
    I too wrote abt Wishes Today

  6. So true, it happens to all of us. Then one day we get the courage to carve our own path - will happen to you too.

  7. True !! many a times our wishes are suppressed because of others. Hope all your wishes and unfulfilled desires are fulfilled:)...

  8. Where I am not scared for being myself, without having to consider anyone.

  9. Ask and the Universe will conspire to make it come true.

    1. :)

      One of my fav lines, thanks for saying it Janu

  10. Wishes are what defines us as an individual. Its hard to live upto and make every wish come true... but then that's what life is for, to work towards!


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