Mother - A guest post

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For nine months, I’ve been within you, mother,
And perhaps I still am…for I know one corner
Of this unruly world where I have my safest haven,
In your arms, on your lap, beneath thy loving shade.
When you stayed awake for nights to let sleep
Caress my eyes; when you embraced all my pains
With a smile; when you were at every step I took,
The paths I treaded on, were sanctified by your presence.
I cribbed, I complained, I shrieked, I shouted,
But you never let me fall apart; in you my joys
Found their root; in you, my woes found their solace,
In you, have I always sought to bury my evils, and let
The goodness in me emerge. Hold my hand, mother,
And let me be cleansed and purged in the deluge of your love.
Thereafter, I shan’t need no heaven. For I shall have found mine.

Guest article from Glad2bawoman is an online media company for women with over 75,000 members. The articles on their site encompass various topics around Health, Empowerment, Relationships and Fashion.


  1. WOW !! it has been written so nicely :) Kudos to the author !!
    It matches your style of thoughts as well :)

  2. a lullaby will bubble up in every mother and its memory in every offspring. Kudos to the writer.


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