Book review: From the eye of my mind by TGC Prasad


·         ISBN: 978-8-184-00309-3
·         Genre : Fiction
·         Price: Rs. 299/- ( This book has given by the publisher for a review)
·         Pages : 303
·         Publishers: Random House Publishers

Sometimes in life you come across a book that changes your life. It defines a turning point wherein you can actually distinguish your life between before and after. From the eye of my mind by TGC Prasad is one such book for me. Its simplicity and innocence has shaken my up completely from within as now I look at my life very differently than I was before. In one word an experience of a lifetime is what I felt amidst these pages.

Behind the Book:
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Takes us into a world we don’t know; one that we all too often do not want to see. But one that we must I sincerely hope this poignant book will propel each one of us to actually do something to assist those who are working on autism. – Arun Shourie

About the author:

TGS Prasad is the author of many bestselling books like Unusual people do things differently and along the way apart from being on advisory boards of several companies. Click HERE to read more about him.

Me thinks

Many years ago I happened to go to school which was for specially abled children. I don’t know why I started crying the moment I saw all of them. This same reaction happened when I was talking to one of my friend who works as a volunteer for the autistic society in her town. That day she told me, they don’t need our pity. I told her I am not crying because I pity them, I am crying because of my helplessness. Then she told me that the best thing we could do for any of them is never let them know that they are different and are not accepted in the society. That lesson seeped deep into my psyche that day never to leave my mind.

After all these years today when I read this book I did not shed a tear, rather I smiled at the way the main character, Mallika deals with her life. I laughed at her innocence, I felt proud when I saw her intelligence and I shared her pain with her the way I would for any other friend of mine. And by the time I finished this book it felt as if we both had been friends for a long time now as I knew her inside out. I could make out her actions and reactions with ease now. From the eye of the mind by TGC Prasad is truly a masterpiece not only worth reading but worth cherishing for years together.

This story is written from the perspective of Mallika, who is an autistic girl. Had the same story been narrated from any other point of view it would have perhaps lost its charm as this first person narration makes it beautiful beyond description. The innocence, the pain, the helplessness, the irritation, the joy, the simplicity and most importantly the intelligence is brought out so well in the book that it moves you. I could not sleep the night I finished the book simply for it was so powerful that the effect lasted long after I had completed reading it. As I write this review it still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. The story is all about how Mallika copes up with her life and faces all the challenges that come her way with all her grit and determination.

Take a bow TGC Prasad, for having created a masterpiece which will be remembered for years together!

Reading this book has definitely made me more humane in terms of everything that I see around me and I believe there can be nothing better than knowing that you are able to do what you had been sent on earth for. I would highly recommend this book to one and all for it will surely change your life too!

Foodie verdict
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This book is like Chicken Soup as it is said to have healing values. This book heals your soul, clears your eyes as it makes you see the world around you in a new light.

This book has been received from Random House for review


  1. Beautiful review Me! In my reading list...definitely!

    1. Oh yes Tarang you should and I will wait for you to review it :)


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