Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thought for TODAY : 29th Feb 2012

You are loved, liked, wanted, cherished, cared and desired for as long as you like believe it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thought for TODAY: 28th Feb 2012

Never doubt yourself because when you do that you suddenly give rise to a thousand voices who raise in agreement to you.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thought for TODAY:26th Feb 2012

For every single reason you have to love someone you have enough reasons to hate too. 
The only difference is love is stronger than hate. 
The day that equation changes that's when you realize it is difficult to survive together.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thought for TODAY:25th Feb 2012

Sometimes you wish you could bring all the stars down on earth only for a while to brighten your life.
The darkness seems very daunting.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thought for TODAY:24th Feb 2012

Why is it that sometimes even when you display your wounds, they are still invisible to others?

Main [ Me] - A poem

बेटियां तो होती है पराया धन, बचपन से ये  सुन सुन कर थक गया था मेरा मन.
ससुराल जाके पता चला ये  घर भी नहीं था मेरा अपना, और टूट गया मेरा वो  एक सपना.

कौन हु मैं? क्या है मेरा वजूद?क्या आपके पास है मेरे इन सवालो का जवाब मौजूद?

"अबला नारी" - नहीं है पह्चान हमारी. अबला वोह है जो खुद बलवान बन्ने के लिए हमे अबला बुलाते है; 
और फिर हमे न जाने क्या क्या सुनते है.

मत भूलो वो नारी ही थी जो यमराज से लड़कर अपने पति को वापस ले आई थी ;
और वह मीरा जिसकी भक्ति निराली थी. 
जीवन के हर कदम पे नारी अलग अलग रूप मैं  साथ चली है ; 
कभी माँ तो कभी प्रेयसी ;
 कभी पत्नी तो कभी बहन ;
कभी बेटी बनके तो कभी दोस्त ..

कई दुखो को सहने की है क्षमता ; बदले मैं देती है सिर्फ प्यार और ममता.
जन्मदाता है यह इनकी तरक्की न सही तबाही तो न दो. 

P.S: This poem has been published in Kaleidoscope ezine's May 2012 issue.

Samjhota [ Compromise ]- A poem

आज तक हमेशा सिखाया गया  - नारी का दूजा नाम समझोता.
कभी माता पिता की खातिर, या कभी समाज से डरकर, समझोता, समझोता, समझोता. क्या बस यही जिंदगी है?

क्यों बनू मैं समझोते का पुतला? क्यों करू मैं जो मेरा मन न माने? 
क्या यह मेरी गलती है जो मैं पैदा हुई औरत बनकर? या फिर इस बड़े संसार मैं जगह नहीं मेरे सपनो की?

न मांगू चाँद, न मांगू तारे - बस करना चाहू वही जो करो तुम सारे.
सुना है नामुमकिन कुछ भी नहीं; पर मैं तो करना चाहू वोही जो मुमकिन है.

क्या मैं बिना समझोते के छू सकती हु वोह सफलता क आसमान? ? 


Till today I have always been taught to accommodate. Sometimes for parents or sometimes for the fear of society. Accommodate, accommodate, accommodate.

Why should I become a puppet depicting accommodation? Why should I do something which my heart does not agree to? Is it my fault I was born as a woman? Or does this big world does not have place for my dreams?

I am not asking for stars or the moon. I just want to do what everyone does. I have heard nothing is impossible, but I just want what is possible.

Can I touch that sky of success without accommodating?

 P.S: This poem has been published in Kaleidoscope ezine's May 2012 issue.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thought for TODAY:23rd Feb 2012

Learning and loving is one thing we start doing immediately once we are born;
but nobody told us when to stop doing it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book Review : Down the road - 28 Campus Tales by 16 authors

"Down the road" by Grey Oak publishers, priced at Rs.195/- is an interesting medley of short stories. 

Behind the Book

'An exciting and eclectic collection of short stories that brings out all those memories - unforgettable, warm, thrilling and at times embarrassing - of life & time in school and college campuses.'

About the authors & publishers

The publishing house had previously launched a book called Urban Shots having almost the same authors with short stories set in the backdrop of urban cities. This book coming from them, having the same names definitely raised the bar of expectations for the readers.

'Me' Thinks

Standing true to it's name this book manages to take you on a trip down the memory lane to the school/ college days of your lives. With an eye-catching cover this book makes a light and enjoyable read. Every emotion that you can associate with it ranging from heartbreaks, first crushes, ragging, coming of age, teen troubles etc are brought out here very beautifully. As you turn the pages of this book you silently wish you could turn back the time and revisit those unforgettable days once again. This book touches a chord somewhere as it reminds you of  those "good old days"  from school & college when present was the only thing that mattered. We used to live each moment to the fullest not worrying about the uncertainties of the future.The language is simple , the kind we use in our daily conversations. The charming aspect of the book is its it-could-happen-to-you feel. The stories are very much realistic and I enjoyed the surprise element at the end of all the stories. There is a unique personal touch to each one of them reflecting the memoirs of the authors. My favourite stories would be Growing Up by Rohini Kejriwal and Strangers in strange places by Abhijit Bhaduri. It could be because I feel a very deep connection with them.I would not be surprised if you find your own connection wanting to read that story again and again.

I loved few lines particularly from a story Learning & Unlearning by Rohini Kejriwal;
 There are some things that one knows for a fact; there are others that are assumed to be facts but must be unlearnt in order to truly learn them
These lines decipher the mystery of life so beautifully !!

This book has 27 new stories as one of them Between Friends by Paritosh Uttam has been repeated from their earlier book Urban Shots. There are two additional essays at the end of the stories which kind of seem out of place as the stories leave you on a high after which this seems disappointing. Despite all this the book undoubtedly makes a decent reading in your leisure time leaving you feeling nostalgic. Reading these stories it seems as if it was just yesterday when I was a girl scout in my school. We used to have those campfires where we would share various stories / incidents from the school with others. On a lighter note I guess had I noted all of those maybe today I could have made a Down the Road - Part II. :)

Foodie Verdict : True to my habit of comparing books to eatables, this book reminding me of my school days is like an ice-gola for me  with a new flavour in every chuski.

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books!

Thought for TODAY:22nd Feb 2012

We take years to understand how much we are loved and cared for,
it just takes a tiny second to break that myth for us.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thought for TODAY:19th Feb 2012

To have a dream in the life is fuel which makes us run towards it passionately.

Book Review : Tea for two and a peice of cake - Preeti Shenoy


Author Preeti Shenoy's third book " Tea for two and a piece of cake" is published by Random House India priced at Rs. 125/-

Behind the Book

Tea for two and a piece of cake is an unusual, a heart warming and gripping love story between two people who have so much to lose by getting into a relationship with each other, yet so much to gain.

About the Author

Preeti Shenoy is an author and an artist, with two national bestseller.s Her interests are as multifarious and diverse as her several academic degrees, which include an internationally recognized from UK in portraiture. She loves yoga, travelling, nature, creating stuff, photography, blogging and basketball.

'Me' Thinks
"At the end of it all, only love wins......." These words ring in my mind long after I have finished reading author Preeti Shenoy's third book " Tea for two and a piece of cake" published by Random House India.

This book comes across as a rare love story, very much relevant in today's times. With the success of her last two books, the expectations were very high this time. Preeti had a huge responsibility on her shoulders and she does not disappoint us. You may be tempted to ask 'How do you outperform the BEST?' Preeti just answers that with her splendid story writing.

The first thing that strikes you about this book is its cover. Its very beautifully done and is eye catching. The book was launched on Valentine' Day and I feel no other day could have been better. It suits the mood of the book and compliments it completely. The index is also very unique designed using the names of songs. It adds up to the romantic feel of the book. The gripping narrative makes it impossible for you to keep the book down once you start reading it. [ I completed it in 2.5 hours flat !! :) ]

According to me the most beautiful aspect of the book was that it was from the central character Nisha's perspective. I liked it purely maybe because I could relate to her to quite an extent. The  characters are very well defined giving you the feel as if they could anyone you know. This angle also helps in bringing out the human emotions very nicely as this tale is one which could happen to anyone. The story is emotive in the sense it talks, you can feel the emotions reading those words. You actually blush, cry, laugh, love, get angry, scream, pray, hope, wish and do much more with Nisha.

I like the way a delicate subject like divorce has been dealt with. There is no shame or stigma attached ti it. The grace and dignity with which it is handled is just superb as she does not make it sound like the end of the world but just a bend on the road of life. I had read somewhere that when two people decide to get married they should also agree upon the definition of marriage because for each one it has a different meaning. This book re-emphasizes on this in a very subtle manner.Generally when you read a book dealing with such issues like broken marriages and divorces you expect it to have some character doling out ample free advice on matrimony. Preeti clearly steers away from this and I appreciate this because only a wearer knows where it pinches.

The author has surprised her readers this time by attempting to write intimate scenes this time. And I must say she is really good at it. She has used them beautifully as an expression of love.Not to play a spoiler here I will not reveal the ending, but I simply loved it. It's excellent beyond description. For me its the most wonderful part about this book. Its totally unpredictable but at the same time qualifies for the "Happily Ever After" tag too!

This book will reinstate your faith in relationships which are not blood ties. Having loving friends and wonderful well-wishers can help one face any troubles that come your way. Over all an excellent book with a heart touching story which will make you both laugh and cry at the same time. 

Foodie Verdict: As I have a habit of categorizing books on eatables ; this book is like a warm cup of coffee ( or should I call it tea!!) which you have on a cold wintery night. It leaves you with a warm feeling inside and awakens you from a deep slumber. I guess we do take our relationships for granted and fail to notice cracks which develop over a period of time.Relationships are like the walls of our homes which protect us from the outer world but they also need maintenance or else they crumble.