Thought for TODAY: 3rd December 2012

I sometimes wonder if people genuinely understand when they say they do ~ for their actions don't comply that!


  1. it's somewhat similar to people nodding their never know...whether they agree or disagree sometimes when you ask them about it...they get fumbled :)

    1. :D

      Yup!!!! Coz mentally they are already somewhere else...

  2. I feel the meaning of this thought has lot of depth.It's not only about physical actions which are need to do so.
    But sometimes it's other way around also. Those are also interesting people they keep on digging and are like creeper. :D

    1. Yes you are right... there is a lot of depth behind this thought as I am actually trying to understand human psyche here.. Say what you mean and mean what you say seems to have lost its meaning somewhere!!


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