Thought for TODAY: 25th December 2012

As a child we never have to prove our love and affection to anyone. But as we grow up we have to keep on proving it constantly only to be doubted in return.


  1. Yes exactly my thought !! so much give and take relations once you grow up :-/ . Proving it is really a hateful thing but sometimes you also have no choice :(

  2. Love is a purest gift of god & doubt is meaningless word in front of love.Love is a spontanious phenomenon .This is type of pure unconditional affection.No need to prove our love to any one and those show their doubt that means they dont love ever.Love is eaternal feeling not a mathametical formule to prove.

    1. Beautifully said Pravir, I could not have agreed more to your thoughts.

      Loved your last line the most, it is not a mathematical formula!!

  3. Growing up is a challenge indeed !!

  4. btw got something posted feel free to jump in to comment


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