Redefining Love

Sometime back I had reviewed a wonderful book called How about a sin tonight? by Novoneel Chakraborty and had said in my review how this book had made me look at love and relationships from a very different perspective. I had also shared a few beautiful quotes from the book with a promise to do a full post dedicated to the wonderful thoughts from this book which definitely deserve much more than a thought. So here it goes:

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  • I think the best and the worst things of life happen when you are least prepared.
  • I am not a fear for my fear, For it I was a fear for my fear then my fear would not be my fear.
  • Why the sun does not come an inch closer to earth? Since it knows , one step forward and it will burn the earth beyond repair and recognition. So sometimes distance is what is necessary to keep a relationship, a relationship. 
  • The moment you have someone in your heart they say everything in life becomes black and white.
  • Marriage puts us in a risk of getting used to that person.
  • Life is about doing what you never wanted to do . Love is about doing what you never thought you could do.
  • Are relationships like toothpaste? Everyday we unknowingly empty them one squeeze at a time and then one day we realize there's no more left. There's the tube, of course, but no more paste.
  • People around me have been charged for different crimes, but inside all are accountable for the same sin; LIFE!
  • Love is the only realized part of a connection.
  • Tomorrow is a stranger, yesterday is a stalker, today is the savior. But when the savior is confused the stranger begins to stalk and the stalker becomes even scarier.
  • As a kid I used to wait intensely for so many things. As I grew my waiting for list suffered because life convinced me somethings are not worth waiting for.
  • They say adolescent crushes wear off easily. I say a lot of adolescent things wear off easily except their memory of it.
  • We were each others' best arrangement. Arrangements are always temporary; love isn't.
  • If I ever lose you I'll be scared all my life - of life.
  • A relationship goes deeper within us than we can ever judge, feel and perceive. And love is the only tip of that depth.
  • Absence - our whole life is about absence of something or someone in some degree or form so much so that it makes you die everyday.
  • Love is always worth it.


  1. I think that romantic love is overrated. Sorry but that's the kind of sour person I am. (-_-)

    For each one of us, it means something different. The problem is not the feeling itself but the fact that we are humans. The nature which is built-in within us makes life complicated.

    I believe that it is not the past or the future which worries us, it is our attitude that makes the difference.

    Love is just one amongst the numerous kind of emotions we are capable of feeling. The day we want to move on, we do.

    I wonder why we don't pay attention to many issues hat plagues our society instead of thinking over love which has been defined and redefined zillionth number of time.

    For me, love is not something to bang my head over it. Love grows with us. It stays as long as we want it to. It depletes when we want it to be over. Many other emotions are connected with it which confuses the term even more.

    Here are my favorite love(?) quotes.
    "Love is part of life, not heart of life."
    "Fall in love, but remember to take your brain with yourself."

    Again I apologize for being so brash about it. You were only sharing some great thoughts on love and I kind of ended up ranting over it. *holding ears*

    Feel free to teach some sense to this insensible me. ;P

    1. Hey Sui, firstly hugs to you <3

      Secondly thank you so much for writing such a lovely comment here. I am glad my post could help you rant :)

      I completely understand all that you are saying. Just yesterday I wrote a post on the current situations as I spent some very sleepless nights pondering over the same. It disturbed me to see the things happening around me to an extent that I felt scared about living. But I also realise that the fear of dying should not take away the joy of living from you. So I decided to enjoy life as much as I could.

      This post was written long back and scheduled for today as I believe love is the language we all need to speak. And no matter what the end of a year should always be on a positive note so that the beginning is also on the same note.

      I simply loved your quotes on love and please you don't need to apologise about anything at all. There was no offence meant and none taken. I mean it Sui. You don't need to hold your ears either for anything.

      Just spread your arms as I send a warm hug your way to wish you a wonderful New year :D

    2. I am glad! I can be really cold sometimes so I thought I should apologize before hand. Hehe
      Hugs to you too. I hope that you have an enjoyable time. Happy New Year to you! (っ◕‿◕)っ❀♥❀

  2. Wonderful lines..So true.Thanks for sharing.
    Happy new year to you and your family..:-)

    1. Happy New year to you and your family too dear !!


  3. Interesting read Me!

    But I don't think life is about doing what you never wanted to do but it's about doing what you actually want to do, of course, sometimes our unfavourable circumstances compel us to do so but life is about trying to fulfill your dreams. Isn't it?

    And we shouldn't let the 'absence of anything' make us 'die everyday'. We must learn to cope and move on (As you said in your previous post). Stay Happy!
    I wish you & your family a very happy, healthy and successful new year!:)

    1. Very true Tarang and I completely agree. There are various reasons why I liked this book and these quotes and one of them was the extent of negativity that one can think about as this is a reminder of what I SHOULD NOT be doing ever :)

      Wishing you and your loved a wonderful year ahead too !!

  4. Nice work of gathering the excerpts.
    Looking forward to read the book

    Happy new year

    1. Oh yes, do let me know what you think about the book.

      Happy New year to you tooo!

  5. Nicely written. Few point went bouncer to me :P But I guess my understanding is little weak on this hand :P

    But you have penned down many points.Looks nice that you have given a very deep thought over it after reading this book :)

    Keep writing :)

    1. He he:)

      Oh yes this book has actually given me a lot of thoughts!


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