Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is LIFE.Though all that has been said on life is not enough and there are endless things that one can say about, but I would like to share a few lines written by Me on this:
जिंदगी से नज़र बचा के कुछ हसीं लम्हे चुरा लो,
ये जहान  है तुम्हारी राह ताकता की कब तुम इससे अपना लो।

Loosely translated it means: Averting the gaze of life steal some beautiful moments, the whole world is waiting for you to claim it.
Sharing one of the most perfect picture I could find to describe my madness for life because this is exactly how I feel about it:

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  1. Chand lamhon ka kya kya,maine har pal churaya.
    İs jahan ka kya karna,jab hame jindagi ? ne hi

    1. Beautiful lines Pravir...!

      Jindagi thukrati nahi, thokar khilati hai-
      Inhi thokaro main to woh hume jeena sikhati hai!



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