Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is LIFE.Though all that has been said on life is not enough and there are endless things that one can say about, but I would like to share a few lines written by Me on this:
जिंदगी से नज़र बचा के कुछ हसीं लम्हे चुरा लो,
ये जहान  है तुम्हारी राह ताकता की कब तुम इससे अपना लो।

Loosely translated it means: Averting the gaze of life steal some beautiful moments, the whole world is waiting for you to claim it.
Sharing one of the most perfect picture I could find to describe my madness for life because this is exactly how I feel about it:

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  1. Chand lamhon ka kya kya,maine har pal churaya.
    İs jahan ka kya karna,jab hame jindagi ? ne hi

    1. Beautiful lines Pravir...!

      Jindagi thukrati nahi, thokar khilati hai-
      Inhi thokaro main to woh hume jeena sikhati hai!



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