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Dear Me,
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The first thing I would like to tell you is I LOVE YOU – yes I really do. And the faster you fall in love with yourself the better. Though I have learnt this lesson late, I can vouch for the difference it has made in life. I know about your desire to be loved and this is the only way to manifest that desire into reality. Begin with your own self and see that love multiply all around you. Seeking love is not wrong; losing yourself while seeking it is. Love everyone around you, but don’t cease loving yourself too.

Secondly, please stop blaming yourself for everything that happens around you. People make choices and take decisions. Each and every decision cannot be because of you. Learn to accept responsibility for your decisions not for everyone else’s. Everything bad that happens to you is also not your fault. It is just life’s way of teaching you some lessons which perhaps you would not have learnt any other way than this. It is ok to make mistakes. It is ok to take some wrong decisions. It is ok to meet some wrong people. It is ok to be hurt. It is ok to fall as long as you get up to start once again. It is all ok for that is the way you learn as life does not come with an instruction manual. Learning and living is the only way to go. 

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You know that little child in you – whom you have safely hidden deep inside…. Never let that child go away. For that child will help you remain sane in this insane world when the craziness will reach a peak. That child is the connecting link between the REAL you and the you the world makes you to be. Simply refuse to grow up. See everything with a lot of curiosity, laugh out loud at any given opportunity, wish on stars, watch cartoon movies, read comics, collect glowing stickers, collect stuff toys, do what your heart wants to at the drop of a hat be it breaking into an impromptu dance, singing out aloud or just having a gol gappa treat.

Don’t fret about all those numbers which surround you right now. For nobody will ask you your scores, the number of mistakes you made in life or the way you made them. What they will be interested in knowing is what you learnt and how you learnt. Remember the lessons and nothing else for they matter the most!

All the people you meet are a wonderful part of this journey called life. But they are just a “part” and not the “journey” itself. They might come and they might go, only to let new ones come. Come whatever may, the journey should not stop. Each time one of them leaves your life don’t let a part of your go away with them, for then one day you will reach a stage where there will nothing left in you at all. Rather, hold yourself together and bade a goodbye with dignity. As it is said, ‘Everything happens for a reason - sometimes the reasons might not be clear at that time.

As you move ahead leave everything behind you – your painful past, bad memories, unhappy incidents… for they are nothing but excess baggage which will make this journey cumbersome. Carry only happy things with you along with two most important things – hope and love. Never leave them, never stop loving and being hopeful. This is your treasure. Circumstances might try your best to steal this treasure from you many times but never let it be successful because as long as you have this treasure no storm can devastate you. 

Lastly, I want you to remember:

You are a beautiful soul in this garden of life. God wanted you to enjoy its beauty and has therefore sent you here. No one on this earth has the right to make you feel anything other than this for this is the utmost fact of life. 

Let your motto be :

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In the end it all is going to be truly worth it as everything will fall into place. So till that time just hold on to your horses tightly with a smile so bright that it can lighten up the darkest alleys! 

Loads of Love and Hugs


P.S:This is a letter I have written to a 10 year old Me. I have always loved writing letters and this one was in my drafts since long. Yesterday being children's day it finally gave Me the much needed push to publish this post.
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  1. and, it is a wonderful letter to give to any 15 year old!! If only we had such wisdom, dear Me, we could have avoided a lot of heartache! :))

    1. :D

      I agree Roshni... I wish we had this wisdom at that time!But as it is said, wisdom comes with age :)

      Thank you so much for being here!!

  2. I loved this one...its true that blaming everything on ourselves doesn't do anything apart from upsetting us for no reasons. We once had this counselling session at College where all of us were asked to write a letter to our self when we were ten and write about everything that hurts us...everything that troubles us and leave the letters anonymous. All the letters that everyone wrote were then taken and put away in a box. It did look very stupid but I felt really good after writing that letter. :)

    1. Wow!
      I am also feeling very good after writing this one. And I don't know why. For this is not going to change things any which ways but it surely feels better each time I read it :)

      Glad you loved it dear... yes self blame gets nothing but pain.

  3. i agree with you, in life we actually hide our trueself for the fear of people judging us,and thats where our imperfection starts. we should let go of all these thoughts and be what we are ,what we love to be. if we love us,then world will love us too..
    beautiful messsage on childrens day!!

    1. Yes..very true! Our imperfection starts not because we are imperfect..but because we judge ourselves on the parameters of others who deem to be perfect :)

      Thank you so much!!

  4. Hey! You know what? I too write letters to myself! It really feels good, na? :)

    1. WOW!! Same pinch and hi-5 to that.

      It truly feels heavenly!!


  5. Awww what a sweet take on the topic. It would be really great if we could get a perspective on our own selves.

    1. :)

      Thank you!

      Yes, it is really a beautiful feeling to have own perspective on many things including ourselves.

  6. People should be a 'part' of the journey and not the 'journey' itself. and we should also remember that we too should be a 'part' of other people's journey and not the 'journey' or 'destination'. both the ways it helps.


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