Thought for TODAY: 24th November 2012

Today I learnt why relationships break- simply put for the other person defines the relationship very differently than the way you do! For you it could be everything while for the other person it could something or anything or maybe....nothing.


  1. So true! That is why it is important for both the persons to have the same wavelength and perhaps similar beliefs. Although it is quite difficult. Most of the time one side has to compromise. That is so unfair. I personally feel that a romantic relationship is such that these two persons are like pieces of puzzle. Together they complete each other. But that's very idealistic. :\

    At this time of my life, I dare not be in a relationship. How about you?

    1. Yes Sui..very true. I had read somewhere that to marry a person u need to first be sure that person defines marriage the same way that you do otherwise it would be all messy and complicated. And believe me this parameter works in most cases in gauging the person's thoughts :)

      One side has to compromise more often than not and in society like ours women are expected to do that more. I also believe we are like pieces of puzzle...but then I need to find my matching piece too..... I believe Love happens when it has to and not when we want it to happen. So as of now I am loving life waiting for the right time for the right person to come :)

      Hugs dear <3

    2. I totally agree with your views.


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