I remember those moments spent with you---in evenings full of hue.
The look in your eyes, the words of care--- a love so true and so rare!
Silent whispers, sweet-nothings and those cherished moments filled with hope.
Made me realise that I am tied to you with love rope.

Thinking about you - wishing you were here,
Feeling as if you are around far yet to near...
The moments spent with you are so few, 
But they seem to glisten in my thoughts like drops of dew.

Every touch, every word, every look makes me feel like never before
I wish the time could stop there and you could be with me some more.
Lying in your arms, feeling your breath next to mine..listening to your voice, 
Seeing stars in your eyes which shine...makes me fall in love with you all over again!

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  1. Nice poem .. such powerful feelings .. :)

    Also catch out my enrty

  2. You know the best compliment you can give to any poet is : "i felt it"

    n i really felt the emotions in it...!!!

    1. Wow!! Thank you so much...this one truly means a lot to Me :)

  3. nice one..i loved the pic,cute roses..

    and on the last line theres a small correction "seeing stars in your eyes which shine " :)

    1. Thanks that is actually a candle..gifted to me by a very special friend :)

      Rectified - thanks!

  4. Me!! At last, I got you !! Awww, this is such a romantic piece...!Beautifully written :)

    1. :)

      Awww Panchaliji...that is really sweet of you to say that. Well this is my second blog where I write poems and book reviews!

      Thanks for stopping by.. <3

  5. Such a beautiful picture. What is it made of?
    You lines are dipped in love and made me romantic <3

    1. Thanks so much Ghazala...actually it a wax candle gifted to me . It is so beautiful that I never felt like even removing its packing...and yes one look at it and even I am all romantic <3


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