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Book Review : Desperate in Dubai by Ameera Al Hakawati

Introduction ISBN 9788184001716   Genre Fiction Pages 560 Publisher   Random House India Price Rs. 299/- ( I got this book for review from the publisher) The first thing that interested me in this book was that it was written by a blogger turned author and it was really inspiring. I am sure every blogger dreams of something like this. Moreover given the backdrop of a city like Dubai it became an instant hit too. No wonder I was more than happy to receive this book for review as it had been on my to-be-read list for too long! And I was not at all disappointed. For a first timer the author has done an exemplary job in this book giving you a light read promising loads of laughs and tears at the same time. Though the book is not very high on the emotional side, there are few places where I could actually feel tears stinging my eyes. Over all a fun read to be devoured at leisure.

Thought for TODAY: 30th November 2012

At times life hands you a weapon which you may not know how to use...Fret now. Adversities will teach you that!

Thought for TODAY: 29th November 2012

He: You are so perfect for me in every way .I cannot spend a single waking moment without you or your thoughts crossing my mind. I want to talk to you, listen to you, feel you, hold you and spend the rest of my life with you. I love you as much as you love yourself. Do you love me? She: “Love” might not be the right word. I live you……in every breath and every heart beat. The couple broke off eventually. The boy moved on in life, found another love and was happy. The girl went on with her life as if nothing had happened.  Years later they met once again: He: Did you miss me? She: I am alive, had I missed my breath and my heart beat I would not have survived till now!  The boy concluded he was never missed and hence never loved. He walked away one more time from her life. But this time the survival was easy for that girl as she came to know she was never loved in the first place. She was just liked and that like changed the moment something else came his wa

Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is LIFE. Though all that has been said on life is not enough and there are endless things that one can say about, but I would like to share a few lines written by Me on this: जिंदगी से नज़र बचा के कुछ हसीं लम्हे चुरा लो, ये जहान  है तुम्हारी राह ताकता की कब तुम इससे अपना लो। Loosely translated it means: Averting the gaze of life steal some beautiful moments, the whole world is waiting for you to claim it. Sharing one of the most perfect picture I could find to describe my madness for life because this is exactly how I feel about it: Google Images

Thought for TODAY: 28th November 2012

People are sometimes interested in knowing your pain only to hear it as a plea for help and not for the sake of being a patient listener.

Thought for TODAY: 27th November 2012

Many times when relationships break one of the most important things we forget to take back from that person is the right to hurt us because of which even after becoming complete strangers that person still has the capacity to hurt you and upset you!

Book Review: Manto - Selected Short Stories by Aatish Taseer

Introduction   ISBN:  978-8-184-00144-0 Genre: Fiction Pages: 160 pgs Publisher: Random House Price: Rs. 199/- ( I got this book for review from the publisher ) I have always loved Indian languages. They have such a distinct flavor and yet are so mesmerizing. Urdu has been my first love solely for the beauty though I also love Punjabi, Bengali, Awadhi, Rajasthani, Hindi and Gujarati. Needless to add this love of mine has made me read translated works of many famous regional authors mainly to bask in splendor created by them. Manto – Selected Short stories translated by Aatish Taseer is a collection of short stories by Saadat Hasan Manto, one of the greatest short story writers as he is often referred to as. He was an epic writer of his times and has left a mark in the world of literature through his impeccable work. Due to which even today, after almost a century of his birth he is known as the most powerful voices of his time.

Thought for TODAY: 26th November 2012

Mornings are God's ways of saying every dark thing eventually leads to brightness.

Book Review: The Valmiki Syndrome by Ashok K Banker

Introduction ISBN:   978-8-184-00141-9 Genre: Non-fiction Pages : 278 pgs Publisher: Random House Price: Rs. 250/- ( I got this book for review from the publisher) Since eternity we have been brought up with certain values deeply instilled where our mythological books and Vedic  scriptures play a very important role. As a child I remember being told that the Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana, Vedas, Puranas etc hold all the secrets of life. You name a problem and you will find its solution there. The only thing is it might not be spelled out specifically as your answer. You have to read it, search it and interpret your answers.  We the children of the 21st century who are used to having everything "instant"  be it food or relationships, found this to be a lengthy process.It was not long before this master key to a healthy living was long forgotten. The Valmiki Syndrome by Ashok K Banker is a book which makes us question a few things about our life and takes u

Thought for TODAY: 25th November 2012

However much you deny most of the times you are remembered by people only when they need you!



Silent Saturday


Thought for TODAY: 24th November 2012

Today I learnt why relationships break- simply put for the other person defines the relationship very differently than the way you do! For you it could be everything while for the other person it could something or anything or maybe....nothing.

Thought for TODAY: 23rd November 2012

Sometimes it is important to see ourselves from other's point of view to realise our real worth!

A Real Love Story: My entry for the Get Published contest - Treasured Ardor

Ansh Malhotra and Roshni Chopra are two candidates nominated for the President’s awards this year for the exemplary work they have done in their respective fields. Both of them are startled to see each other’s name in the list and are busy conspiring ways to skip this prestigious award. This list has left them in double minds as confused souls who are having sleepless nights as the D day arrives closer. ***** Copyright (C) 2012 Privy Trifles Source: Google Images

Thought for TODAY: 22nd November 2012

Failure is a way of life to teach us the ways which don't work. Try till you find a new way of making things work. Don't fear it. Otherwise it will scare you more. Hug it with love and it will melt in your love!!!

Thought for TODAY: 21st November 2012

We don't get hurt in our life out of choice but because of the choices we make.

Thought for TODAY: 20th November 2012

Despite the dreams having broken before and not manifested into reality our heart still manages to get the magical ability to dare to dream again....Love my heart for this one <3 <3

Thought for TODAY: 19th November 2012

It takes a nasty incident to remind you there's much more to this world than just fairytale romances and happily -ever-afters!

Thought for TODAY: 18th November 2012

The knowledge of having someone there  - is the thing that makes the difference in the way you face your storms.

Silent Saturday


Thought for TODAY: 17th November 2012

The whole world might call you a horrible person but it takes only one person who does not think so to change the way you look at yourself.


Source: Google Images Fingers intertwined together, I slowly feel your breath As you pull me closer to kiss on my neck. " You are beautiful " you whisper as you clutch my face with both your hands I see a reflection of the love in your eyes which fairytales speak about. There is nothing else that can describe the magic that we share Our hearts are muted as our souls bare. There is a silent music to which our bodies sway Unearthing deep corners of our heart where our desires lay I close my eyes letting your fingers caress my face You grab my waist not letting me shy away from your gaze. You play with my hair creating ripples in my soul, Slowly connecting all the dots and making me whole. I shake my head as I realise I am dreaming once again. We are miles away from each other yet so near... I just have to close my eyes to feel your breath next to mine!

Thought for TODAY: 16th November 2012

Every heart has loved once and that love is what makes us what we are - a good or a bad person for that is the our interpretation of love and life.

To Me ~ From Me

Dear Me, Source: Google Images

Thought for TODAY: 15th November 2012

The feeling of being vulnerable is so heady as it challenges all your beliefs till now!

Thought for TODAY: 14th November 2012

It is important to laugh when the joke is on you as it means you celebrate your flaws too!

Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Judge. 

Thought for TODAY: 13th November 2012

In life sometimes you reach a stage where you laugh at your own follies and that is when you realise you have come a long way from what you used to be and what you have become.

Happy Diwali

Diwali is the time of the year when all that you can see around is lights. May these lights take away all the darkness in the form of pain, hurt, hatred, anger or failure and replace it with loads of love, laughter and peace forever ~ Amen!

Thought for TODAY: 12th November 2012

The most amazingly beautiful things in this world are left - unseen, untouched and unfelt- yet we say the world is so bad!

Thought for TODAY: 11th November 2012

We came alone in this big bad world - we were not scared then. As we grew up we met people, had family, made friends, is then we started knowing fear - of losing them, of being left along, of being lonely, not accepted... we forget one crucial fact that we will be going all alone from here too!

Thought for TODAY: 10th November 2012

Many times in life you feel you are holding beautiful memories tightly in your hands, only to realise it was nothing but fistful of sand which passed away from the gaps within moments.

Silent Saturday


Thought for TODAY: 9th November 2012

Tonight, a beautiful smile blessed my face. First I thought it must be the lovely weather...but then I felt it was the romantic song I had heard few minutes back. A while later I realized it was the glow on my face..when I remembered the compliment I got in the morning. I racked my brains and found too many options - favourite lunch, new dress, movie plans and many more when it suddenly stuck Me it was YOU - I thought of you and it left me with a smile ♥ ♥ ♥

Thought for TODAY: 8th November 2012

Relations define us and hence we do carry a piece of each one of them safely imbibed within us. When we look at them few years later, they can either make us cry or laugh!! But they still deserve that place for they define us in more than one ways and make us what we are today.

Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Hurt. 

Thought for TODAY: 7th November 2012

Making someone your everything is a mistake you should not very often for when that person leaves your entire world comes crumbling down!

Thought for TODAY: 6th November 2012

In life it is very important to meet a few wrong people to know the value of the right ones when they come along!

Book Review: Aleph by Paulo Coelho

Introduction ISBN: 978-0-00-745689-3 Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Price: Rs. 350/-  I have admired Paulo Coelho’s style of writing mainly for the ease with which he deals with such profound things in life. Personally I was going through a very rough patch few weeks back and a random visit to the library made me land up with this book. I somehow believe that books talk to me and that is what makes me read them.

Thought for TODAY: 5th November 2012

And finally after 2.5 months of facing system issues (dwindling in the storm) I formatted my system (mind) today : Deleted some viruses (bitter memories) Installed some antivirus softwares ( made myself a bit more stronger) Ran a good virus scan (faced myself in the mirror with a smile) And Voila my system is ready as good as new!

Book Review: Ghosts of the past by Arti Honrao

Introduction Sometimes in life you come across a love-story which touches your soul very deeply. Ghosts of the past by Arti Honrao is story about two lovers who meet online and fall in love. Life has its own shares of challenges to give to each one of them. The beauty of the story is the way both of them have dealt with their share of problems. You can buy this book from HERE

Thought for TODAY: 4th November 2012

I flip through some pages of life and revisit some old memories - wrapped in beautiful flowers, engulfed in their fragrance...missing some special people and smiling as I feel them ~ Me

Book Review - The Stopover by Ram Prakash & Deepa Pinto

Introduction ISBN: 978-8-19084 21-6-7 Publisher: Krab M edia Category: Photo-Fiction Price: Rs. 495/-  Beh ind the Book Source: T A blend of fiction and fact, enhanced by photographs, The Stopover takes its readers on a voyage to uncharted territories through four absorbing stories.

Thought for TODAY: 3rd November 2012

It is not bad to shed tears for someone...but its worse to realize that person wasn't even worth it and you still continue crying!

Silent Saturday


Book Review : The Bankster by Ravi Subramanium

Introduction ISBN: 978-81-291-2048-9 Publisher: Rupa Publications Category: Fiction Price: Rs. 250/- ( P.S: I got it from BlogAdda for review ) Behind the Book Bankers build their career on trust, or so everyone thinks, till a series of murders threaten to destroy the reputation that the Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2) has built over the years. Source: