Thought for TODAY: 19th October 2012

Source: Google Images
अच्छाई और बुराई पे किसी को नापा तोला नहीं जाता;
ऐब तो हम सब मैं होते हैं ; इनसे दोस्तों को जाँचा नहीं जाता।

*** Translation ***
No one is weighed basis the good and bad qualities one has;
There are few faults in each one of us, but based on them friends cannot be judged !


  1. Superb image to explain the thought. That's why when you put finger on someone the other four points towards your ;).
    There is one famous quote " World tries to change others not ourselves"
    Take home : Do not judge others and listen to them silently ;)

    P.S.: Sorry just a small correction "kisi ko" is different word not same. Hope you don't mind it. But I think I am official critic here ;)

    1. Thanks to my BFF - Mr. Google. He somehow manages to give me the best pictures which trigger beautiful thoughts inside Me :D

      Wonderful quote.. I completely agree to it!

      P.S: Rectified.... yes you are an official critic, no doubts about it. But you know sometimes this Hindi thing does act funny... I tried a lot and then left it like that while posting... !

  2. ah ha .. indeed well if we were so good we would be god .. the mere reason we are mortals means that we have the good and the bad in us , all of us :)



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