Thought for TODAY: 16th October 2012

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At times in life you reach a stage where you feel the only thing missing in your life is love and you will be complete. But that is a wrong belief as two incomplete people can never have a complete and fulfilling relationship. What you need at that time is a friend perhaps, who listens, understands,cares and is there for you. What we mistakenly recognize as the need for love is actually the need for companionship. By saying this I don't mean relationships are bad. But relationships come with a lot of responsibility and knowingly unknowingly you sometimes end up damaging the other person beyond repair. And that is where a friend is needed. You evolve as a person with that friend and gradually begin to love yourself. Once you reach that stage you attract like minded people who are complete, in love with themselves and have a caring heart to share. That is the moment when you will fall in love- with yourself, with life, with everything around you! And perhaps that is the moment when someone will fall in love with you or you might end up meeting that someone special.


  1. Dejavu :D. I agree almost ~ 100.00000000 % with you here :). I think you have not left anything to add as you have put up my thoughts exactly here.
    Let me think from where it has come ? :P

    Keep Blogging :)

    1. WOW!!

      You agreeing with me 100% ? Is it for real?

      Ok..please do think and let me know from where it has come??


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