Thought for TODAY: 10th October 2012

In life someday you are left with no other option but to pretend - pretend to be happy and pretend to be okay because even if you are not, no one is interested. So you fake it till you actually start believing you are!


  1. No,wrong strategy. :-/
    Pretending is worst then you will loose your identity :-|

    1. Wrong. You don't lose your identity. Rather you don't want to show the world your hurt because they don't care. You are putting up a brave face as that is what the world is interested in...... Your identity is solely yours. And just by pretending your emotions you cannot lose it. Your identity is reflected in your behaviour and thoughts, not in your tears / smile!

    2. Hmm. I think I couldn't put up in a way that I wanted to. I seriously need critics to my comment ;).
      I agree with your argument more or less. And I do feel pretension is not a safe bet always.
      Just to make myself bit clear if you mean by pretend to be self-composed then you are absolutely right and I will agree 100% with it. ;)


    3. AH!! Finally we agree on something... it this really happening or am I dreaming B)


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