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Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Need. 

An unsuccessful attempt - A poem

एक नाकाम सी कोशिश ( An unsuccessful attempt) Source: Google Images Thats Me -Basking in love!!

Thought for TODAY: 31st October 2012

Sometimes all that you exist in could be a lie and something that you never believed in till now could be the truth!

Thought for TODAY: 29th October 2012

I have learnt some of the toughest lessons during the lowest phase of my life because all the noise drowns away as life seems to speak to Me.. .

Thought for TODAY: 28th October 2012

There is nothing called as selfless love.  We all love someone because we want to and not because that person wants to be loved.

Thought for TODAY: 27th October 2012

Love and understanding need not go hand in hand. Sometimes either of them can exist peacefully in absence of other.

Thought for TODAY : 26th October 2012

Lessons in life come in various forms - sometimes it is an incident, sometimes an accident, sometimes it is an action and sometimes it is a person.

Thought for TODAY: 25th October 2012

Being shaken and trying to regain the composure is much easier than being broken and not knowing where your missing pieces lay!

Thought for TODAY: 24th October 2012

Silence in a relationship is said to be beautiful when the other person is able to understand everything that is unsaid. But many times it happens to be misunderstood as one wants to hear a lot while the other simply does not have anything to say.

Whispering Wednesday

  Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Experience. All that we learn in life is an experience. A nd it is this experience which sets us apart from each other. Because though this learning is there for everyone some choose to remember the lessons while some choose to forget.  E xperience makes us w hat we are as it gives us the strength to face things from our past lessons and prepares us for the unseen. Sh a ring one of my all time favour ite quote on this : " You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do ." - Eleanor Roosevelt  

Thought for TODAY: 23rd October 2012

Some people are like a passing cloud. They come to just drench you with their love and go away. But some people are like sky who walk with you in every step.

Thought for TODAY: 22nd October 2012

The deeper the hurt, the harder it is to get over it as time does not play the medicine here in the right doses.

Thought for TODAY: 21st October 2012

It is said that love comes into your life when you are least expecting it, but someone forgot to add one line there; that it also leaves you the same way - when you least expecting it!

Confessions of a Confused Soul

Source: Google Images Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.  ~Author Unknown

Thought for TODAY: 20th October 2012

Quitting something need not mean cowardice. It could also mean the courage to say NO - I have had enough!

Silent Saturday

  In the darkest alleys of my life, I have found my true self; For all the accumulated pain over the years transformed into sparkling hope~ Me

Thought for TODAY: 19th October 2012

Source: Google Images अच्छाई और बुराई पे किसी को नापा तोला नहीं जाता; ऐब तो हम सब मैं होते हैं ; इनसे दोस्तों को जाँचा नहीं जाता। *** Translation *** No one is weighed basis the good and bad qualities one has; There are few faults in each one of us, but based on them friends cannot be judged !

Thought for TODAY: 18th October 2012

Tying yourself to your past - however beautiful or ugly it was is like chaining yourself to a huge stone and wondering why are you not able to move ahead.If you want to move ahead you will have to free yourself from the burden of the bygone eras.

Whispering Wednesday

  Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Advice . Advices are something we all give and take very regularly b ut sometimes you come ac ross one advice which remains with you forever. Sharing with you today one such beautiful advice I came across on the net which touched me a lot .  

Thought for TODAY: 17th October 2012

In this journey of life you will meet a lot of people who act as a medium and help you reach your destination. Don't get distracted by them and lose your track.Just enjoy the journey with them as long as they are there. They are a part of the journey, not the journey or the destination!

Thought for TODAY: 16th October 2012

Source: Google Images At times in life you reach a stage where you feel the only thing missing in your life is love and you will be complete. But that is a wrong belief as two incomplete people can never have a complete and fulfilling relationship. What you need at that time is a friend perhaps, who listens, understands,cares and is there for you. What we mistakenly recognize as the need for love is actually the need for companionship. By saying this I don't mean relationships are bad. But relationships come with a lot of responsibility and knowingly unknowingly you sometimes end up damaging the other person beyond repair. And that is where a friend is needed. You evolve as a person with that friend and gradually begin to love yourself. Once you reach that stage you attract like minded people who are complete, in love with themselves and have a caring heart to share. That is the moment when you will fall in love- with yourself, with life, with everything around you! And perh

Thought for TODAY:15th October 2012

At times in life you reach a phase where it is important for you to be only a mute spectator and just watch things unfold. There is nothing much that you can do apart from that. Leave everything aside and wait for the mystery to unfold for itself as everything else seems beyond logical understanding.

Thought for TODAY: 14th October 2012

Though had heard about it before... I learnt it today the harder way; Only I am responsible for myself : My tears My smiles My hurt My disappointment And everything that I feel!

Thought for TODAY: 13th October 2012

What hurts the most at times is when trouble seems like the end of the world for you and for the other person is it nothing. ... .and expects you to also believe the same.

Silent Saturday


Reticent Reflections


Thought for TODAY: 12th October 2012

In life there comes a stage where all you can do is stand and be a mute spectator as destiny decides to play its turn before it leaves the play ground for you to take control once again!

Thought for TODAY: 11th October 2012

You invite Me to a wonderful dream of possibilities where all that I want to do is spread my wings and fly.....high and touch the sky!!  

Lonely - A poem

तन्हा ( Lonely) ये हवा ....गुदगुदाती, खिलखिलाती , मदमस्त हवा।  न जाने कहा से चली आती है ; न जाने कहा चली जाती है। This breeze...gentle, tickling, frolicking breeze. Don't know where it comes from and where it goes away.

Thought for TODAY: 10th October 2012

In life someday you are left with no other option but to pretend - pretend to be happy and pretend to be okay because even if you are not, no one is interested. So you fake it till you actually start believing you are!

Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Soul ~ mates . Off late I d on't know i f it is sheer coincidence but I have been hearing a lot of discussions on this topic around Me. Hence curio sity led to Me to my eternal friend Mr. Google who ver y happily offered me the best reply I could have ever wanted. Sharing it with you here: Source: Google Images Apart from all the usual mushy definitions I found on the net , th ese were perhaps the most practical words of wis dom I could lay my hands on .

Thought for TODAY: 9th October 2012

Sometimes i t takes a heart break to make you realize you had a heart . Though painful in the beginning- w e always have two options. On e lament about our grief and carry that hurt forever. Or remember the beautiful moments shared, smile and cherish them in your heart like a prized possession always!

Thought for TODAY: 8th October 2012

There comes a stage in life when the very base on which you have been standing till now starts crumbling. Your beliefs are questioned and your strengths challenged. Don't fret at such times. It is very important to hold on to your stand. Have the courage to collect the debris and faith in your ability to built it once again ; because they are the only two things any storm cannot take away from you. Once equipped with it any storm will seem miniscule.

Thought for TODAY: 7th October 2012

When you give someone a gift and that person loves it - the joy is unmatched for as it means you truly managed to touch their heart somewhere!

Thought for TODAY: 6th October 2012

Sometimes despite all the warnings people walk on the wrong path and expect you to be with them throughout the journey.

Silent Saturday

'You drown not by falling into a river but by staying submerged in it' - Paulo Coelho

The Gift of Hope

Waking up, now that September has ended it feels as if the entire month of September passed away just like that in a dream.

Thought for TODAY: 5th October 2012

You can hear the untold stories of the every time you hug  a person tightly!

Book Review : Love, Peace & Happiness by Rituraj Verma

Introduction ISBN: 978-93-81836-34-7 Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd Category : Fiction Price: Rs. 145/- ( P.S: I received it from the author for a review ) I had read somewhere all of us have writers hidden inside with some beautiful stories to share. It is just a matter of picking up a pen to jot it down. ‘ Love, peace and happiness ’ by Rituraj Verma is an innovative concept by the author somewhat based on these lines.   This book has 9 stories revolving around the urban life where the author talks about love, friendship, relationships, marriage, intimacy, trust and other such issues which we face day in and out. He has added a unique touch to this book by giving alternate endings to each story in case you don’t like the ones in the book. He has shared them on his website HERE and still if you are not convinced you even have a chance of writing your own. It is like giving a mike to each one of us and asking us to speak our hearts out.

Thought for TODAY: 4th October 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow , skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true - Lyman Frank Baum

Book Review : Life is perfect by Himani Dalmia

Introduction ISBN: 978-81-291-1442-6 Category: Fiction Publishers: Rupa Publications Price: Rs. 19 5/- Relationships are a beautiful aspect of our lives which bind us together. They bring us loads of reasons to smile but they also bring along equal reasons to be hurt and feel sad about. This books deals with the story of one such large joint family residing in Delhi which goes through its usual ups and downs in life to realize what is important at the end is being there for each other rather than anything else.

Thought for TODAY: 3rd October 2012

Sometimes in life it is important to be hurt again and again till we remember the lesson for a lifetime!

Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Change - the most inevitable part of this world . This week I would just want to share a quote on change that I came across  on the net and loved it ~ “Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ― Apple Inc.

Thought for TODAY: 2nd October 2012

Problems in life are like the waves of sea ~ They keep coming and going  They shake the earth below your feet They seem large from a distance but become small as they reach us.

Thought for TODAY: 1st October 2012

When you pray hard , dreams do come true... but more often than not you have to pay a heavy price for it!