Whispering Wednesday

A very sweet fellow blogger, Sridevi ( Do check out her blog HERE) has started a new section on her blog called ' Threading with words'. It is a very beautiful concept where she picks up a word and shares her thoughts on it.

She encouraged Me to use this concept and so was born Whispering Wednesday. Henceforth going forward every Wednesday I will pick one word and thread my words around it with a thought /picture/ quote..in short anything that comes to my mind!
This week's word is : DREAM

AUGUST STRINDBERG has very truly said in A Madman's Defense, “I dream, therefore I exist.”We all exist because of our capability to dream. Our dreamlands are the place where we can be ourselves, imagine ourselves doing things we might not do in real life as we don’t have any fear of being ridiculed upon there. Set yourself free to dream – Be the dream and be the achievement of the dream that is uniquely yours.So until next week....Keep Dreaming!!


  1. My fav quote regarding dream is from Walt Disney- All our dreams come true if we have courage to pursue it.

    Yes I agree, we all are because of our dream. Most of our dreams come true because we put a lot of energy and hard work to make it come true :)

    1. Yes..very true dear!

      Thanks for sharing that quote here :)


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