Thought for TODAY: 16th September 2012

I have that weird feeling today when someone has been criticising me constantly and I have that strong urge to do it in return. God knows why am I not doing it.
Maybe I seriously want to have a difference between us both!


  1. :-o
    The other person needs to be careful and should give a thought about it. :-|

    1. I wish people were as understanding.... they somehow do not understand a simple fact that when they are pointing one finger to other, rest 4 are pointing at themselves.

    2. They will start understanding this fact soon. And may stop criticizing.

    3. Not to easy...everyone needs to be told explicitly. These days people barely hear the said..there is nothing left to say about the unsaid!!

    4. I agree but some people do. Atleast one person has understood this fact besides knowing it bit a prior.Now it became crystal clear :)

    5. If that is the case then I think you have understood it in the wrong manner...!!

      Thats all I can say. Rest I leave it on you for understanding and deeper analysis.

    6. Really ? oops, I got it wrong :(. I guess I am still among those people then. :(
      leaving on me ? I won't be able to :-/


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