Book Review : Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple’s soul is beautiful reminder that love still exists in this world around us.  It makes you believe that even death cannot do apart the hearts which is bound by true love.  Reading it leaves you hoping for such everlasting love if you are single, revisiting romance in your life if you are in a relationship / married and make you feel proud of the bond you shared with your partner if you have lost them to death.

Behind the Book
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‘ Remember we all stumble, every one of is.
That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand ‘– Emily Kimbourgh

About the Authors

Rajshree Dutt has been running Write-Arm for over twenty years, writing, editing and publishing primarily for the development sector. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are the number 1 New York Times best selling co-authors for the Chicken Soup Series.

'Me' Thinks

If you think that love is something that exists only amongst the young people, this book will make you reconsider your thoughts. This book brings to you some heart rendering stories of love which have surpassed many hurdles and stood the test of time to emerge a winner across all age groups. From teenage crushes, youthful romances to age old love stories, these stories are bound with one emotion – love.

Before I read this book I used to feel that love sometimes makes a quiet exit from our lives as we get busy in our daily routine. It does exist beneath all those practicalities of life but its magic is gone after the initial euphoria.  This book proved me wrong. As I turned page after page to read stories about people so much in love with each other even after decades of being in relationship / marriage I felt my belief in love and marriage coming back. It made me realise that love and marriage go hand in hand with trust and respect. It is difficult for marriage to survive on its own without all these factors to support its existence.

Most importantly I also realised that love need not mean candle-lit dinners, whispering nothings, diamonds, roses and lots of gifts. It is about being there for each other, sharing joy and tears with the same gait.  I understood that marriage is not about fairy tale romance with happily-ever-after endings, it is about a never-say-never approach in dealing with the surprises life throws our way. I felt lucky to have witnessed such beautiful love stories as they touched my heart.  I could actually smell the roses, hear the music, see the twinkling stars and feel the romance as I read each one of these stories.

It is very difficult to select one favourite story from them as each one is better than the other. Simply put together this book is a collection of some of the best real life love stories I have come across till date.  You would definitely want to read this book again and again and share these stories with that special person in your life to feel the magic of love once again.

Foodie Verdict

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Just to give it an Indian tadka as the book talks about Indian love stories, this book is like a kheer- richly laden with nuts and kesar. Nuts to remind you of the small bumps you might face in life, kesar to denote the colour of love which engulfs you completely, love is like this sugar which gets dissolved but retains its flavor in every spoonful that you take. Needless to add, you and your partner are like the rice and milk. Coming together to make a masterpiece!


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