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Thought for TODAY: 31st May 2012

Failures are a way of life giving us a second chance.

Thought for TODAY: 30th May 2012

Some people are here only to teach us some lesson. Many times it happens that we do not get the lesson in the first instance, hence they have to adopt various stricter means to teach us those lessons which might hurt us.

Thought for TODAY: 29th May 2012

Competition is the part of life; not life itself.

Thought for TODAY: 28th May 2012

It feels great to be a leader and lead the way to the goal, but it feels burdensome to be the laborer and carry them till there.

Thought for TODAY: 27th May 2012

Loving someone does not guarantee anything in life - not even love in return!

Thought for TODAY: 26th May 2012

Some relationships in life come with an expiry date.

Thought for TODAY: 25th May 2012

One of the major difference in physical and emotional pain is ~ a painkiller can take away the former!

Silent Saturday

My lunch for today : I was fascinated by this white brinjals from the moment I saw them with a vegetable vendor. Curiosity made me buy them , but they taste completely the same. They looked so beautiful ; it tempted me to click one picture !

Thought for TODAY: 24th May 2012

Let your goodness not be the reason behind someone's mistakes.

Book Review : Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple's Soul

Introduction Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple’s soul is beautiful reminder that love still exists in this world around us.  It makes you believe that even death cannot do apart the hearts which is bound by true love.  Reading it leaves you hoping for such everlasting love if you are single, revisiting romance in your life if you are in a relationship / married and make you feel proud of the bond you shared with your partner if you have lost them to death. Behind the Book Source: Google Images ‘ Remember we all stumble, every one of is. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand ‘– Emily Kimbourgh About the Authors Rajshree Dutt has been running Write-Arm for over twenty years, writing, editing and publishing primarily for the development sector. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are the number 1 New York Times best selling co-authors for the Chicken Soup Series. 'Me' Thinks If you think that love is something that ex