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Thought for TODAY: 30th March 2012

Every closed door need not mean a closed opportunity. It could also mean an unexplored opportunity.

Thought for TODAY: 29th March 2012

Most of the issues in life are like rubber bands.  We seem to keep on stretching them and suddenly they go SNAP!!! hurting us.  

Thought for TODAY: 28th March 2012

Remembering all the bad things in life is like maintaining a balance sheet with only the credits and liabilities in it.

Thought for TODAY : 27th March 2012

Holding something in your hand need not mean you can control it completely.

Thought for TODAY : 26th March 2012

However much someone loves us, beyond a point our pain is just ours.  For us it might seem like a big deal and our world might stop, but for them life goes on.

Book Review : My Life story by Arti Honrao

Introduction My life story, by Arti Honrao is a captivating tale of a young and bubbling teenaged girl who chose to follow her dreams and paid the price for it, albeit very heavily. This book is priced at Rs. 100/- and you could purchase the same from Pothi's. Behind the book Source: Google Images The author has chosen to use this space for highlighting the few reviews on this book. I would quote one which struck me the most; " A touching story of a young girl! A book every teenager should read to be careful of the pitfalls in life at that age. " - Dr. Smita A. Kitturkar - Physiotherapist.I truly agree with her. About the Author Though I have already reviewed another book by her earlier I would still like to quote what is written about her in this book's introduction as I feel this does complete justice to her personality and writing style.. Arti Honrao has the ability to pour the words in such a way that you won't only end up imagining the char

Thought for TODAY: 25th March 2012

Love and Laughter are two expressions which need not be understood completely by the other person.

Thought for TODAY : 24th March 2012

It is perfectly fine if you cannot be the reason behind someone's happiness; but you should always try and never be the reason behind someone's tears.

Thought for TODAY : 23rd March 2012

We blame people when they change....but don't we also change our behavior towards them after this?

Thought for TODAY: 22nd March 2012

Today's THOUGHT is an attempt to answer a questionnaire I got today as a forward message; जिंदगी अगर पहेली है तो मौत क्या है? एक ख्वाइश जो अधूरी रह कर भी पूरी होती है. प्यार अगर दर्द है तो ख़ुशी क्या है? वह आंसू जो आँखों से निकल के लबो को छुते है . रिश्ता अगर खून है तो दोस्ती क्या है? वोह नब्स जो वोह खून दिल तक पहुचाती है.

Thought for TODAY: 21st March 2012

When you suddenly start using too many ifs and buts in your conversation, it is a signal that the walls of the relationship are slowly crumbling down.

Thought for TODAY : 20th March 2012

Life moves on in circles.  Sometimes you just end up where you began only to begin again and explore a new path.

Thought for TODAY : 19th March 2012

Today's thought is actually a question: What is better; Living with a lie Or dying with the truth?

Thought for TODAY: 18th March 2012

The day you become your own best friend; you could be alone but never lonely for sure!

Thought for TODAY: 17th March 2012

Loving someone for a reason is like saying; I Love You * * T & C apply

Thought for TODAY: 16th March 2012

Your destiny is one thing you can never run away from.

Thought for TODAY: 15th March 2012

Sometimes in life you might do our BEST but for others it might not be. Don't let that deter you for what might work for YOU might not work for them.

Thought for TODAY: 14th March 2012

No matter however much we try we just can't change our destiny.

Thought for TODAY: 13th March 2012

Many times tears also fail in front of the mightiest EGOs

Book Review : Is this Love & Autumn- The last leaf by Arti Honrao

Introduction Is this Love & Autumn- The last leaf are two heart touching stories written by Arti Honrao priced at Rs. 160/- you could buy the same from Pothi Behind the Book The author says though this place is usually reserved either for the Bio of the author or synopsis of the book content, however sharing sentiments behind publishing this book seemed appropriate to her.  In the author's words ; " Approximately two years ago I had promised this book to my readers and now, I have finally fulfilled my promise " About the Author [ Taken from ] Arti Honrao has a passion for different genres of writing and hence was born Sfth, a platform to showcase her poems, short stories, quotes and sensible articles. Most of her writing depicts human feelings and emotions, which she tries to bring out onto the page and into the minds of the reader. She believes that the essence of writing lies in not only entertaining the reader, bu