Book Review: 34 bubblegums and candies by Preeti Shenoy

Picture Source : Google Images

Bubblegums – the more you chew them the juicer it gets and candies – “wham-bam-sham” you pop it, bite it and it vanishes with a lingering taste into your mouth before you can realize. Life is like that. Waiting to be explored sometimes with new experiences hidden in its layers just like a bubblegum, while sometimes it’s like a candy colourful, attractive, tempting you to taste it.

“34 bubblegums and candies” is a beautiful combination of these two experiences. Live, love and laugh is the message that strongly comes out from this book. I very strongly believe life is the best teacher. What you can learn here cannot be learnt from best of the schools, books or teachers. It’s about these bittersweet lessons of life this book talks about.

The simple narration coupled with easy to understand vocabulary brings out the beauty of the hidden emotions. In today’s life we are all so engrossed that some of the world’s most precious moments miss our sight. This book reminds you of those lessons making you realize what you have lost till now.

At the same time it also says it’s not too late to sit up and notice them NOW. The incidents shared in this book are real life incidents which the author goes through. It is this stark reality which touches a chord somewhere as we realize it could be happening to anyone of us. It manages to connect the reader to the author in a deeper sense.

For a first book it’s a wonderful attempt by the author Preeti Shenoy at highlighting the small yet beautiful aspects of life which add more meaning to it. At times when I feel very lost this book has managed to provide me with answers too apart from the usual candies and bubble gums.

Rather than boring you with more descriptive details I would just like to say:

Accept the candy / bubblegum that life gives you today with a smile, open up the wrapper, pop it into your mouth, close your eyes and sit back to relish its taste!”