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In conversation with Sonia Bahl - Author of A Year of Wednesdays

Today, we have a very interesting author with us talking about life and love at large. 
Before I introduce her to you, I would like to share a small brief about our first interaction almost a year and a half ago. As a book blogger, am sure you all would agree we keep getting review requests from authors on and off. What set her review request apart from all the others (And here I mean almost all emails I have got since 2011 till date!) is the fact that she had taken the effort to go through my entire blog, including my bio, read a few reviews and everything that I had to say here which could be construed as important. Never ever have I received such an beautifully personalized email. It is as if she could read through my bio and see the person behind it. With her one email, she left me feeling so special till date. The love for books and all things mundane in life was a common attraction I guess which made me admire this author more!

Needless to add, she is an author par excellence a…

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